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I have always been one of those people who is overly concerned about keeping their animals safe, which is why I started visiting local pet stores to look for solutions. I talked with the owners about the products and services that could help me to eliminate common problems, and it was amazing to see the wide range of products that were available. Within a few weeks, I had finally gathered enough supplies to keep my animal safe and sound. This blog is all about understanding pet safety and learning to provide for your animals in a safe, effective, and convenient way.



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Understanding Pet Safety

3 Tips For Using CBD Oil For Your Dogs

by Caleb Jackson

If you are looking for a more natural way to treat your dog's anxiety, seizures, or chronic pain, you may be thinking of using cannabis products. CBD oil, especially, has become quite popular as a natural treatment for these conditions. It's a cannabis preparation that does not contain THC, so it does not make the user feel high, but it does contain the active compound CBD, which has a lot of therapeutic properties.

But while CBD oil is generally safe, for both pets and humans, it is a medicinal oil, and therefore, you do need to apply some caution when using it. Here are three tips to employ when using CBD oil for your dog.

1. Use CBD oil intended for pets

There are so many CBD oil preparations sold for humans. Each contains a slightly different amount of CBD or is derived from a different strain. Some contain additives. Although these products are safe for humans, they're not a great choice for dogs -- some of the additives they contain may not be safe for dogs, and the strains chosen may be better suited for humans than for dogs. If you want to use CBD oil for your dogs, make sure you choose a preparation intended for pets, and perhaps even dogs specifically.

2. Start at a low dose

Every dog reacts to CBD oil differently. Some dogs may only need a drop or two a day to see a noticeable improvement, but others may need a much larger dose. To settle on the dose that is right for your dog, start with just a drop twice a day. See how your dog responds. If you're not happy with the results after three or four days, increase the dose to two drops twice a day. With most preparations, you can give a dog up to five drops twice a day, if needed, but check the label on your specific product for dosing instructions. 

3. Check with your vet

Do inform your vet before you start giving your dog CBD oil. They can make sure the product you chose has a good reputation, and they may even recommend a better brand for your dog's specific needs. Your vet can also observe how your dog's vital signs, like heart rate and respiratory rate, respond to the CBD oil, which can give you a better indication of how well it is working. 

For more information on using cannabis for dogs, contact your local vet office today.