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I have always been one of those people who is overly concerned about keeping their animals safe, which is why I started visiting local pet stores to look for solutions. I talked with the owners about the products and services that could help me to eliminate common problems, and it was amazing to see the wide range of products that were available. Within a few weeks, I had finally gathered enough supplies to keep my animal safe and sound. This blog is all about understanding pet safety and learning to provide for your animals in a safe, effective, and convenient way.




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Understanding Pet Safety

Eight Essential Tips To Get Your Dog Ready For Hunting Season

by Caleb Jackson

Do you plan on hunting with your dog this fall or winter? If so, now is the time to start getting your four-legged friend ready for the season. Whether you are reacquainting your dog with the sport or if you are planning on adopting a new dog to take with you, there are some things that you can do to ensure a successful hunt with your canine companion.

Eight essential things to keep in mind when getting ready to hunt are:

1.Start getting in shape. If your dog has had a lazy winter, it is time to start getting fit for the rigors of hunting. Long swims are great practice for water-retrieves without worrying about over-heating your pet during warm-weather training sessions.

2.Pay a visit to your vet. Make sure to see your vet to ensure your dog is healthy and up to the strenuous activity that hunting can entail. This also gives you a chance to get your pet's shots and immunizations up-to-date before heading out in the woods.

3.Brush-up on obedience training. Take time to brush-up on obedience commands and training before the season starts. Stick with basic commands--like sitting, staying, and retrieving--and try to desensitize your dog toward loud noises by observing how they react to these sounds during practice-drills.

4.Use prevention. Use preventatives, such as flea and tick medication, before going in the woods to ensure your dog's safety and well-being.

5.Adopt in the spring. Don't have a hunting dog? Adopt puppies in the spring if you plan on training them to hunt; this will give you all summer to practice obedience commands and fall for bird and small-game hunting.

6.Invest in a micro-chip. Get your dog micro-chipped in the event that they become lost when hunting in unfamiliar terrain.

7.Remind your dog what it's all about. Make sure to reacquaint or familiarize your dog with birds and game before hunting. After a long summer, some dogs may forget what to do with birds and small animals that they are being commanded to pick-up!

8.Buy the right gear. Invest in safety apparel to make sure your pet is safe in the woods during hunting season. Some things to have include a hunter orange vest and a reflective break-away collar to keep your best friend out of danger when hunting.

Use these eight essential tips to help get your dog ready for hunting season. Visit pet suppliers and hunting supplies stores, such as Lion Country Supply, to find the things that you need to train and get your dog ready for a successful hunt. Talk to these vendors about potential pet adoptions, if you are looking for a new hunting companion. Safe hunting!